Monday, 21 May 2018

Samoan language week

WALT:Reflect on our samoan language week presentation.
Next week is the samoan language week but my class researched about it last week because we will be going to camp that week.Last week we brainstormed words about samoa each student chose a topic about Samoa to research and make a presentation to present to the class.My topic was about the Samoan food and I wrote about how they make there umu.

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Friday, 13 April 2018

AKO Evening

WALT:Reflect on yesterday's Ako evening
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Yesterday we had our Ako evening.
If you dont know what this is it is when my school creates some ways to display what they have been learning about this term.
My class have been working hard to finish.
The people in my group was Tevita,Lydia and akenesi .
Our topic was about the first bridge built in panmure.
We have been researching more about the topic so our parents know what we have been learning.
 We had to be here at 4 o clock.
When we were explaining it felt like we were talking to much because it took for long.
Some facts from the research we did was that The bridge cost was $1 530 000 in 2010 money and another one is that you had to pay to cross the bridge.
The challenging part was working together because everyone in my group had there ideas and we took for long to finish.
One thing I need to work on is listening to others.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Tai Chi Reflection

WALT:reflect on our lesson for Tai chi
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Today we had another tai chi lesson.When we down into the hall we had to quickly form lines and stand quietly.
The first thing we did was do our stances.
One of the stances was tiger pushing mountains.
Then we had to grab a chair and form a semicircle quietly.
He told us that we had stand up one by one and say your name a positive comment a negative comment and a random act of kindness.
My negative comment was That Brisbane Broncos lost against the illawarra dragons In the NRL.Something that I learned in this lesson was that Mr Gordon took is kids to watch a race.
This weeks power word was Listening because it is important to listen to others and what they were saying.
One thing I would like to improve on is listening to the instructions and following them.
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Monday, 5 March 2018

PB4L in the toilet Reflection

WALT:Reflect on our lesson on PB4L

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Today In class we had a short lesson on what to do when your in the toilet we learnt some of the expectations for when you go into the toilet.
We also watched a video on what not to do in the toilet and when your going back into class.
The challenging part was thinking of what we should see in the toilets.
The thing I need to work on is coming up with new Ideas because I only came up with two and the rest was from the whiteboard. 

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Friday, 2 March 2018

Maths test reflection

WALT: reflect on our maths test.
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Today in the morning the kia manawanui syndicate got ready for a maths test we needed to get our netbooks and a sheet of paper to work out our answers.
First we had to wait for Ms Komor to give us our passwords for the test then we had to go threw examples of the questions then we had to start.
The first question was a little tricky because I dident know how to solve this question.
The whole test was a little hard but the most challenging part was trying to finish before the time because we only had 45 minutes to answer 40 questions.
The thing I could improve next time is trying my best and solve it.
When there was only 8 minutes left and I only had 3 more questions then I was done but the last three was multiplication questions and I solved them fast.

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Class Treaty

WALT:Reflect on our class treaty.

Today I will be reflecting when My class created a class treaty.
First We had split into groups and COme up with some rules for the classroom.
Then we had to share with the teachers so that they could write it down.
Then all of our class had to sign it so we don't break the rules.
If you don't know what Waitangi day is about I am here to tell you.
Waitangi Day is a national day of new zealand when the Maori and Pakeha came together to sign a treaty to stop the wars and to protect the land.
They signed it on the year of 1840 february the 6th.

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Te Tuhi Reflection

WALT:Reflect on our trip to Tetuhi.

Today I am reflecting on our trip to te tuhi when we got there we had to practice our play.
We had our own groups that we have been practicing with for the last few days.
When everyone was performing some of them were funny like Aumau play when he got told of from a character in his play.WHen it was my groups turn I dident have line to say.
My group act three little pigs with red little ride hood.
After we were just making posters of the play we just did out of colorful paper.

This is my script that my group has written.

The Three Run Away Pigs

Stephney - Speaker
Akih - Bad wolf
MJ - Bad wolf as well`
Arizona - Oldest pig
Demetrius - Middle pig
Timeus - Youngest pig
Hevani - Alice
Edith - Little red

Stephney - Once upon a time there were 3 pigs but the youngest was making fun of 2 wolves.

Timus- Laughs, what types of wolves are you stupid wolfs.

The wolves got angry and chased after the pigs because they thought that it was all the pigs.

As the wolves were chasing the pigs the pigs found 2 girls stranded named Alice and Little red riding hood
(The pigs met litte red and alice).

Pigs - There are wolves chasing us will you help!
(Wolves are looking for pigs)
The girls replied with yes \

They were all planning how to trap the wolves and the next morning they got ready to travel and hunt the wolves down.

The pigs found the wolves and they fought against each other.
(Self defence part)

The wolves found out what really happened and the pig apologised.
They were then best friends and are still today.

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