Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Script for News cast

(Deme)Good evening everyone my name is Demetrius.
(Vuni)And my name is Vuni and today We are live at tamaki primary news on channel 3 we are telling you about the earthquake in Christchurch 2011.
(Deme)It was very violent,many died during and after Most of the the city's wastewater pipes were damaged during the earthquake and after 6 months they were fixed,
(Vuni)) Christchurch earthquake was the most destructive in Christchurch history. In 2011 Christchurch building were collapsing and people were running.
(Deme)This was  very hard for people because after the earthquake they had nowhere to live because there house was destroyed.
(Vuni) People try to survive, some people survive during the earthquake and some of the people did not survive .
(Vuni) Once again (Deme) my name is Deme (Vuni) and my name is Vuni.
(Deme)And that is all this evening hope you have a wonderful evening ( Both )  peace out.

Te ORO Reflection

This is my reflection on when we went te oro and this is what me Tevita and Matthew done.
It took us a long time to do this because most of the time we done something wrong or said something wrong.Finally We are  done and I am blogging.

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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Rising sea level

Today I am blogging something I have done after school,
This is my first time blogging after school because it is my first year taking my neetbook home.
This is about rising sea level and what it can affect.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Digital Dig

WALA:key board shortcuts.
Today I have finished my digital dig and it has taken me a long time to finish this and now it is done.
The most hard part was key board short cut because we had to try find out what the different keyboard shortcuts were.
I felt happy well I was doing it because I was working with aumau and he was telling funny jokes.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Cyber smart poster.

Today I am blogging my cybersmart poster and it is about CTRL Z and what it is used for and why it is used for.Also we were learning what to put in a poster and what kind of pictures to put in.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Kiwi can refletion

WALT:write a reflection on kiwi can.

Today after reading buddies we went to kiwi can.
First we put ourselves into 4 groups and then we done our energizer it was called 15 secondes.
You had to ask the person next to you what is your favorite food,what is your favorite color,and what you want to be when you grow up.
Next we done our activity,it was called code breaker.We had to try get the code on the paper but we done it with chairs.
When we started every one was confused because they didn't understand properly.
But after a while we all knew how to play and it was funny sometimes because when we done the wrong code Mr M done a funny noise.
After the activity it was lunch time so all of us walked up to class and got our lunch and went outside.

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

News Artical

WALT:Read an article and write what it was about.

Today I have read a article about a car crashing into a house and the house got set on fire.
The fire fighters managed to get the person out of the car and the person had bad injures.
I feel sad after reading this because the house that caught on fire could of been someone importants house and now they probably have no where to go.