Wednesday, 26 July 2017

How hobbies support your Whare Tapa Wha

IALA:Hobbies and how hobbies can support my Whare Tapa Wha.

Today I am blogging my presentation for how hobbies might support your whare tapa wha.This task was a little bit tricky because when we first started I dident know what to do so I just asked Tevita for help and then I knew what I was doing.
We had to do this task by ourselvs and no talking it was hard to not talk.

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Monday, 3 July 2017

What I am grateful for.

IALA:what I am grateful for in my life
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I am grateful for my family.
I am grateful for my family because the are the best thing that happened to me because they care about me .I am also grateful for my family because we are like brothers and sisters for example we always see each other and we always buy food for each other.

Another reason why I am grateful for my family because they always look out for me and if they didn't look out for me I would be hungry because they didn't care about me.
The last reason why I am grateful for my family is if I didn't have a family I will have to feed myself and buy my own clothes to wear also I would have to get a job to get money and save it.

The second thing I am grateful for is my learning because if I didn't I will know nothing like talking,maths,write,read and work on a computer.
That's why I am grateful for my learning and all the teachers that have taught me how to diffrent things like maths.Maths is my favorite subject because I have fun learning it because sometimes we play games relating to maths like maths tiggy and ratio games.Sometimes I am just grateful for maths because it is a good subject to learn because you can learn new things that you haven't learnt before.

My last thing that I am grateful is my house.
I am grateful for my house because some people in the world have no houses and they sleep on the street so I am lucky that I have a house to live in.
Also I am also grateful for my house because I live with my family in it and my Nana has lived in the house for 24 years and we have made memories in it like breaking windows,hidings and family passing away .I am grateful of my house because we have a house and we don't live on the street.
The last reason why I am grateful for my house is that my family is happy inside the house and some of my family comes every weekend to visit and play with me.

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Monday, 26 June 2017

Broncos dominate Raiders

Broncos played on saturday night against Raiders and Broncos won.Benji marshall was a stand out player because he lead the team and he set up plays to score tries.Broncos had a lot of players injured from State of origin.Darius boyd The fullback of Broncos Was injured so the winger Jordan Kahu had to move from the wing to fullback and Anthony Milford injured that's why Benji marshall was playing first receiver.
Broncos is now coming third on the ladder And I hope broncos win the grand final.Up the broncos
Broncos is my favorite team in the NRL.
Broncos have storm next week and storm is coming first so it will be a good game.

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V.S             Image result for broncos raiders  Logo NRL

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Kiwisport Reflection(Last session)

IALT: improve my shooting accuracy through playing basketball.Image result for lebron james wallpaperImage result for shooting basketball GIf
Today my class Room 9 had there last session in kiwi sport for basketball.When we got there Coach peter told us that we are going to be playing games the whole session because it was our last session.The first game we played was golden child we played that because we had a choice on what basketball game we wanted to play.I think golden child was the best part of the lesson because everyone was having fun and laughing.Some of the students were supporting others like me and Sifa. In my team everyone was humble and they were not being sore losers because we lost.
My team won the first game then the other team won then who ever won the third game they win all of it.We just won the last game because we were supporting others even the other team.
The challenging part was shooting the ball inside the hoop because I kept missing the ball.

I felt Happy about this session because we played basketball games for all of the session and we had fun and it was all because of coach peter and coach Hyram.

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Friday, 23 June 2017

400 blog post

IALA:Getting 400 blog postImage result for 400

Today I have reached 400 blog post and I am happy because I have been waiting to get 400 blog post because everyone has more than me.Gary has just reached 600 blog post and he blogged about it so if you want to see it just click here he has inspired me to blog how much blog post I have.I will blog when I have 500 blog post but that will take for a long time.I have been blogging ever since I was 8 and now I have 400.
Thankyou everyone for supporting me by commenting on my blog I really apreciate it Thank you.

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Tree planting

WALT:Make a video about what we did for tree planting

On tuesday Room 9 & 10 walked we walked to paddington reserve to plant trees.We had groups in 5 and there were 2 spades in each group.It was a long walk and kelley said that we walked 5 kilometers and when we walk back it will be 10 kilometers.When we got there were other schools there already planting trees and we were after them.Planting the trees was hard because we had to dig holes on very wet grass.
After we planted trees we sang songs and then we packed up.
After we packed up we walked to Point england reserve and we played on the park and the boys played rugby.
Then we had lunch and at 1:30 we walked back to school and everyone was tired and wanted to go sleep or lye down.

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WALA:Ratios and how to understand them.

This is My maths and me,George and Gary have been working on the week.We haven't finished number 6 so we will do that tomorrow and probably some more questions tomorrow.This has been challenging because we didn't understand but now we do so it is easy.

  1. The ratio of rice to water for cooking rice should be about 1:2

  1. How many cups of water would you need to put with 2 cups of rice?
Answer: 4 cups of water

b. How much rice could be cooked in 5 cups of water?
Answer: 3 cups of rice

10 cups of Rice can be cooked in 5 cups of water
C. What fraction of the volume of rice and water should be water?

2.  People Facts: The ratio of color blind people to not color blind
people in the world is 1:24.

  1. Maria did a survey on 6 colorblind students at her school.
About how many not color blind student would you accept at her school.

Answer: 48 people

3. Peter made a Tui feeder in his garden by mixing sugar and water in the ratio 2 : 9
  1. He put in 4 teaspoons of sugar. How much sugar should he add?
Answer: 18 teaspoons of sugar.

B. Another day he put in 4 ½ cups of water.
How much sugar should he add?

Answer: 1 cup of sugar

4. The scale on a map is 5 : 80,000

  1. Maddie measures the actual distance from her house to Sam’s house as 1.6 km. How far will it be on the map?

  1. On the map, the distance Maddie lives from school is 15 cm. How far is this in real life?
Answer: 2.4 Kilometers

5. Anya makes blankets for rescued cats.
She makes each of them red, blue and yellow in the ratio 2:3:4.
She has 8 balls of red wool left and wants to use all of them to make blankets.
How many balls of blue and yellow wool will she need?
Answer: 9 balls of blue and 10 balls of yellow

6. The ratio of oxygen to all other elements in the body is 2:1. How many kg of oxygen does these people have in them?


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