Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Languages-Cook island

WALT:have a simple conversation is Cook island.
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On monday in the morning we got told that it was cook island language week.
Ms Komor showed us a video of two ladies having a conversation in cook island .
We had to partner up with someone then we had to make a video of us having a conversation and greeting each other.
But before we started the video we had to write a script for who is saying what and who is saying the introduction.
I was saying the introduction but first I had to write it down but I couldn't think of anything so I asked the teacher for help.
Something I need to work on is pronouncing the words properly.

Here is the video we watched in class.


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WAL:New skills fo boxing
On monday after morning tea we had our first lesson for kiwisport.
We were starting a new sport and it was boxing.
When we got into the hall we met the teacher and her name was coach pax.The first thing she told us was that she had 3 commandments to follow and they were Respect,Safety and discipline.
Then we had to line up shortest to tallest and whoever was in the front they grab the boxing gloves next to them and the people at the back grab the ones next to them.
The we had to line up in two lines and then she told us how to stand well you were boxing .
You had to put your strong foot at the back and make your feet wide.She called this position the Rock because you have to be solid and not move.
Then she told us the first punch wich was the jab and the other one was the cross punch.
Then we had to pair up with a partner and my partner was Toma.We had to punch there gloves for 30 seconds without stopping then switch with our partner.
Then we had to take our boxing gloves of the line up to go back to class.
Something I found challenging was trying not to hit to hard because we had to try hit soft.

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Friday, 27 July 2018

Reading-Natural disasters

WALT:Use our analysing skills to select key information to summarise the cause and effects of a natural disaster.
Today we I been reading a text about volcanoes.After we read this we had to highlight the keywords and keyphrases and then right a definition about what a volcano is and what the causes and effects are.
The thing I found challenging was trying to find how a volcano happens. 

This is my work that I did.

A volcano is a mountain that opens inward  to molten rock below the earth's surface.

The cause
A eruption happens when the heat temperature rises inside a volcano. Then the lava tries to escape depending on the volcanoes slopes witch cause an eruption.

The effect
  1. Peoples houses can get burnt down.
  2. The ash and gas from the volcano can kill people.
  3. They can trigger Tsunami, Earthquakes and landslides.
  4. Volcanoes damage peoples houses.
  5. When the volcano erupts lava comes out of it and then later on the lake drys up and turns into rock or stone.
  6. People burn
  7. No shelter
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Thursday, 26 July 2018


WALT:Practice our maths skills
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Yesterday after lunch we had to sit on a table with only 4 people on it.We had to pick a maths game out of the maths cupboard.
The game we played was a decimal and fraction game but only one person knew how to play and the rest of our group didn't understand so we asked Sam if he could help us. Well Sam was explaining to us we didn't know what he was saying so I moved to another group. I moved to Walleymei's group,his group was playing with the cards and they had to put 2 cards down and then multiply them together.
This game was a fun game and a challenging game.
The challenging thing of this game was when it was 7,6 and 8 times tables because sometime I struggle with those numbers.      

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Training reflection

WALT:Reflect on our Training

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On Saturday after my Rugby League game I had to go straight to my Tongan training. My training was in Otahuhu.
When I arrived some of my team were playing touch so I ran over and started playing with them.Then the coach came and told us to run around the field two times then come back and line up in 3 lines for our next drill.The drill we did was fitness and I found this challenging because we did this non stop for 10 minutes.
The next drill was just racing but the coach put us in pairs to see who is the fastest and when I was racing I was racing with a fast boy.When the race started I thought I was going to lose but we finished the race at the same time.
What I liked about that race is that the team was supporting both of us when we were racing. 
After this we did another drill where the forwards and backs had to split up.The backs drill was a drill that helps us pass faster and we were practicing drawing and passing and the forwards drill was to practice their tackling.
Well we were doing this drill the coach gave us a challenge.The challenge was if we pass it without the other person dropping it 3 times in a row then we will get a prize the next training. 
The best thing about my training was meeting some of the new players and I liked getting to know all of my team  better. 

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Monday, 23 July 2018

My First Blog Reflection For Term 3 2018

WALT:Reflect on our holidays and write goals for term 3.

In the holidays I did a lot of things but the most thing I enjoy was my training and games.I enjoyed training because we got Pizza and we learnt new ways to tackle.I enjoyed my games because my team worked hard to get the win and everyone was happy at the end of the game.
Another thing i enjoyed was watching the Brisbane Broncos play against Panthers.I enjoyed watching this because Broncos scored lots of tries and the final score was 58-18.
Something else I enjoy was playing fortnite with my friend Tevita.I enjoyed it because he couldn't build fast and he was always dying first.
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Something I am looking forward to this term is kiwisport because the sport we will be learning is boxing and I want to learn about how to box.
I am also looking forward to the sports coming up witch is Rugby and cross country.
Something I want to improve on is to understand more of my divisions and fractions so maths can be easy for me.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

State of Origin Game 1

On Wednesday night I was excited to watch the state of origin.
If you do not know what state of origin is it is a event that happens every year against two australia teams There name are Queensland\QLD and New south Wales\NSW.
They play 3 games every year and I like watching it because there are lots of fights and that's where all the good players get picked to play.My favorite team is The queensland Because It has most of my favorite players in it.
Before it started My aunty and uncle and my cousin came with all of there State of origin cloths.
The first half was exiting because QLD got cool as and It was a long range try to.
The second half was disappointing because QLD lost 22 to 12.After the game I said by to my auntie and then went sleep.
Here is the highlights of the game.

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