Monday, 20 November 2017

Kiwisport reflection

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WALT:Throw a shot put properly.

Today at 9:40 room 9 had to put our netbooks away and line up outside there was only a little bit of us because some people were doing a test with Ms Komor so Kelly was taking our class to Kiwisport.
Image result for dodgeballWhen we arrived to the fields Coach Allen said good morning to us and we said it back he said that we were going to be playing dodge ball.
First he put us in 2 groups and the we had to stand on the line then he blew the whistle and some people ran to get a ball I did and when I got it I chucked it at Tevita and it hit him in the bum me and him were laughing then I got hit because I wasn't focused then I had to sit out until the last person was out.

When we finished that we had to pair up with another person and then get a soft shot put.
I went with Tevita then when we got a ball we had to line up on the long line on the field.
Coach Allan told us how to throw a shot put he said that you needed to hold it in front of your ear and keep it there until you throw it but you had to throw it of you palm not your fingers.
My ball went high but not far then Tevita had a turn and his one went far and high because he chucked it.
Then we had to keep doing that so we could get use to it so we could be good at shot put.
The part I found challenging was trying not to chuck it because I was use to chucking a ball.
The thing I need to work on is throwing it far instead of throwing it high.

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